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Effective tools and strategies
for electronic recurring and online giving



"Our goal is to raise over 80% of our budget through Egiving and we are well on our way to that goal thanks to George's wise and experienced guidance, and the simplicity and power of the Egiving internet-based system."
– Emily Schaap, Pregnancy Choice Director


Our mission is to assist in funding Christian ministries with effective Biblical strategies and tools of electronic giving (recurring and online giving). We serve both the church and para-church (missions, schools, pregnancy centers and works of mercy) that enlarge Christ’s kingdom and those organizations protecting and promoting basic Christian values for the sake of this nation.

We combine many years of active Kingdom funding and electronic payment experience into a ministry of consultation/coaching support and appropriate processing tools.

Egiving Systems.org (this site and orginal name) contains the texts and tools started in 2001 with a para-church focus. For churches and larger ministries, we have a different tool set and counsel (call us 888-780-4483) which is a web-service based product addressing more the needs of the church. A two page brochure of our original system for your staff/board, explains the basics. See our Solutions page for more info. Additionally we are always in process of developing new tools and appeals so check in often.



New Website! Visit our new website at egiving.com

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